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RizeGreymon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Sunrise Buster
・Slash Thrust


An Android Digimon with a mechanized upper body. Despite RizeGreymon’s massive frame, it can still take to the skies to defeat foes. The destructive force it can blast from the giant revolver on its left arm is said to be as powerful as a nuclear warhead, but the combination of this force with the recoil it generates means it generally can’t fire more than one shot at a time. Also, just to withstand that explosive power, the gun barrel has to be made of Chrome Digizoid. Its special moves include Trident Revolver, by which it pushes the limits of Chrome Digizoid’s durability by firing a three-round burst, and Rising Destroyer, where it unleashes a barrage of beam attacks, three from the beam cannons on its wings and one from its chest. It can also rush at an opponent and bash them with its giant revolver using Solid Strike, which packs quite a punch.

■Effects of the X Antibody on RizeGreymon’s DigiCore:
RizeGreymon (X Antibody) is absolutely brimming with energy, to the extent that power flows out from every part of its form, and its Crest of the Sun is always shining. As a result, the claws on its hands and feet have transformed into beam blades, and it is quick to act in close-quarters combat. Its Trident Revolver has also become a gun blade, featuring an edge honed sharp enough that RizeGreymon (X Antibody) can now use the cutting attack Slash Thrust. It also has the special move Sunrise Buster, which involves charging up its energy to the max, then blasting all that power out of the Trident Revolver.