Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Special Move
・Buzzing Fist
・Gun Vulcan
・Boo-st Attack


Damemon was born when waste data drifting through the Digital World combined randomly. It’s favorite phrase is “No good, no good!” and it has the unfortunate habit of criticizing everyone around it, regardless of the time or place. Though Damemon is perhaps best described with its own phrase, it somehow manages to get by with the help of its partner ChuuChuumon. It’s only with ChuuChuumon’s help that Damemon can even manage to function as a halfway decent Digimon. ChuuChuumon sits in the Tyutyu Tray on the back of Damemon’s head, taking Damemon around to various places where they can have fun. When these two Digimon are together, every day is a priceless treasure. Damemon’s special move Buzzing Fist primarily consists of it spinning its tonfas around. It almost never hits anything, and is better suited to intimidating foes than dealing damage. Similarly, its Gun Vulcan involves disheartening and discouraging foes rather than injuring them. The attack consists of firing small black substances with a foul odor from hidden guns in its feet and tonfas. Since Damemon has to clean up this mysterious substance afterwards or risk angering the Digimon who live in the area, it is always careful about using this special move. Finally, its Boo-st Attack, which involves releasing large volumes of foul-smelling gas while charging forward, is wildly unpredictable, and not even Damemon knows where it will end up. When it does hit an enemy, the damage combined with the smelly gas tends to leave them thoroughly demoralized.