Digimon Encyclopedia


Coredramon (Green)

Special Move
・Green Flare Breath
・Strike Bomber
・Great StrikeⅡ


Digimon with “-dramon” in their names always have some amount of draconic data in their DigiCores, and the higher the rate of draconic data to other data, the more that Digimon will resemble a dragon. The data in Coredramon’s DigiCore is 100% draconic, meaning it’s a pure-blooded Dragon Digimon. Coredramon with green bodies are said to have Digivolved from Dracomon that ate lots of Green Malachite, a precious gem mined from forest regions thickly wooded with trees over 100 years old. This type of Coredramon isn’t skilled at flying, but has highly developed leg muscles, and is capable of running at speeds seemingly impossible for a creature of its size. Its special moves include Green Flare Breath, where it breathes out scorching green flames, and Strike Bomber, which involves lashing out with its tail to deal a heavy blow to its opponent. Green Flare Breath penetrates deep beneath enemies’ surface texture data to damage their DigiCores directly. Like Dracomon, Coredramon (Green) has a Gekirin (“fury scale”), and if anything ever touches it there, it will lose itself in a blind rage, attacking indiscriminately with Great StrikeⅡ, which involves making the horns on its head glow brightly before firing a laser beam from its mouth.