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Special Move
・Baby Breath
・Tail Smash
・Great Strike


Dracomon is a Dragon Digimon of an old bloodline said to trace back to the progenitor of all Dramon Digimon. It possesses physical capabilities difficult to even imagine given its small size, with its speed and power ranking among the very best of all Rookie Digimon. Though extremely fierce by nature, it also has a softer side it only shows to those it deems worthy of its trust. Despite having wings, they’re not fully developed, so Dracomon is unable to fly. One of its other defining characteristics is its drive to collect “shiny things,” and it has an odd attachment to gems and certain types of metal. If it’s particularly fond of some shiny object, it will eat it. Its special moves include Baby Breath, where it breathes out a blast of hot air, and Tail Smash, which involves spinning its whole body around to smack foes with its tail. Perhaps most importantly, among all the scales covering Dracomon’s body, there’s one that’s known as the Gekirin, or “fury scale.” If anything ever touches this scale, Dracomon will lose itself in a blind rage, attacking indiscriminately with its Great Strike, which involves making the horns on its head glow brightly before firing an energy beam from its mouth.