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Impmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Little Devil
Special Move
・Night of Fire
・Summon Chaser


Impmon is a Rookie Digimon that looks like a devil child. It loves to pull pranks, relishing the thought of watching its victims struggle. Rumor has it that whenever Impmon appears, electrical appliances briefly go haywire, so if your screen ever shakes or freezes, it might be because Impmon is pulling a prank. But as much as Impmon delights in mischief and malice, it’s not one to meekly bow before the strong. It will put on a brave face and stand up to them instead, and deep down, it’s actually quite lonely. Impmon’s signature move is Summon, by which it summons fire and ice elementals. It can also attack its foes with dark flames using Night of Fire.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Impmon’s DigiCore:
By taking in the X Antibody, Impmon (X Antibody) has grown confident in its own strength and become more aloof. It picked out its eyepatch and scarf itself, since it thought they made it seem more like a lone wolf, and it’s convinced that taking off its eyepatch will allow it to make use of its full power. However, doing so doesn’t seem to make its attacks any more powerful... Impmon (X Antibody)’s special move Summon Chaser involves making the fire and ice elementals it’s summoned relentlessly pursue foes. This move can be used as part of a prank as well as an attack.