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Gallantmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Holy Knight
Special Move
・Zeig Saber
・Shield of the Just


Gallantmon is a Holy Knight Digimon counted among the Royal Knights alongside Omegamon and Magnamon. The Royal Knights are the highest-ranking Digimon when it comes to Network security, and no Digimon has ever been able to crack their stalwart defenses. But since Gallantmon is a Virus type, its role as one of the chief protectors of the Net inherently conflicts with its nature. This means there is always a chance, however small, that it may slip and become a threat instead. Gallantmon is clad in holy armor made of 99.9% pure Chrome Digizoid, and wields the holy lance Gram in its right hand while bearing the holy shield Aegis in its left. Chivalrous by nature, Gallantmon is a faithful servant of its lord. Its special moves include Lightning Joust, by which it strikes a powerful blow with Gram, and Shield of the Just, by which it fires a purifying beam from the Aegis.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Gallantmon’s DigiCore:
After risking its life in countless holy battles while maintaining its fidelity as a knight, Gallantmon (X Antibody) has at last been blessed with holy armor, a holy lance, and a holy shield of the highest quality. These arms and armor consist of a sacred hybrid of the rare metals Red Digizoid, Blue Digizoid, Gold Digizoid, and the purest Chrome Digizoid known to exist. Gallantmon (X Antibody) has also transformed to better suit this holy power, and it’s learned a new special move as well. The attack is known as Zeig Saber, and involves using its newfound sacred might to amplify and greatly enlarge the spear of light that it fires from the holy lance Gram. It’s also said that before Gallantmon obtained the power of the X Antibody, it gave its red cape to the hero Leomon.