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Magic Knight
Special Move
・Gale Braver
・Anemoi Embrace
・Divine Tempest


A Mega Digimon called the god of wind, it embodies the data of the winds that blow across the Digital World. Zephagamon primarily dwells within wooded areas, bringing with it warm winds that ripen the fruits of the trees. As such, it safeguards not only Digimon, but the environment itself as well.
 The source of Zephagamon's power is the DigiCore beneath the wings on its chest, which is protected at all times by whirling winds. It is said that, in urgent situations, Zephagamon prevents disasters from happening by unleashing massive energy directly from the atmosphere via its exposed DigiCore.
 Zephagamon is considered one of the heroes of the Vortex Warriors, as the winds that it generates are magical in nature.
Zephagamon transforms each of its dual blades into boomerangs that are enveloped in whirlwinds and deliver slicing blows during its Gale Braver attack, while its Anemoi Embrace technique sees its wings transform into wind energy before they converge upon enemies to bisect them. Lastly, Zephagamon's Divine Tempest attack releases massive wind energy from the DigiCore on its chest, scraping enemies off the very face of the planet and blowing them away to distant lands.