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Special Move
・Apple For You
・Crimson Ripper
・Mercy Basket


This Ultimate Digimon is an ornamental doll comprising data from fairy tales. Though Chaperomon is humanoid in appearance, its body is more similar to that of a doll's, meaning its joints can also bend in the wrong direction, potentially startling those who witness such movements. Chaperomon's basket is filled with many "Mini-Monzaemon Gummies" on which it will snack should it have nothing else to do, whether hungry or not.
 Despite its demure appearance, Chaperomon actually hunts for sport and is quite hostile in nature. When hunting, Chaperomon stocks its basket with an arsenal of weaponry that it later unloads and utilizes to launch a variety of attacks on its prey. As Chaperomon primarily targets wolf Digimon when hunting, if it spots Fangmon, a Digimon possessing especially wicked wolf data, Chaperomon will prioritize hunting it over anything and everything else, and chase it down until the hunt is complete. Another of its hobbies is using the data of wolves it has hunted to design new shoes.
 Chaperomon's special move, Apple For You, sees it turn a bottle of cider into a Molotov cocktail and hurl it. When using Crimson Ripper, Chaperomon dances wildly and slashes away with its handheld knives as well as the ones attached to its feet. Lastly, Chaperomon's Mercy Basket technique sees it unleashing Gatling guns from its basket and firing an extravagant volley.