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WarGreymon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Dragon Man
Special Move
・Terra Force Zero
・After Burst


The strongest dragon warrior wearing armor crafted from the ultra-metal Chrome Digizoid, WarGreymon is the ultimate form of the Greymon species. It sports a more humanoid physique than the typical large bodies of other Greymon types, but possesses vastly improved power and speed. It may be impossible to defeat with the attacks of Ultimate-level Digimon. The Dramon Killer attached to each of WarGreymon’s arms deal massive damage to members of the Dramon-species Digimon, but also expose WarGreymon to danger, making them double-edged swords. WarGreymon can also combine the exoskeleton parts on its back to form the hardest of shields, Brave Shield. It is said that even among the most battle-hardened of veterans, it is only when one of true valor realizes its own destiny that it Digivolves into a WarGreymon. WarGreymon’s special move is the super dense, high temperature energy beam Terra Force, by which it concentrates all the energy in the atmosphere into a single point before blasting it forward. It also uses Great Tornado to join the Dramon Killer on its arms above its head to perform a spinning, high-speed charge that pierces the enemy.

■Effects of the X Antibody on WarGreymon’s DigiCore:
To live up to its destiny as the ultimate warrior, WarGreymon (X Antibody) must always triumph in battle. Much like its Brave Shield, its Dramon Killer have also attained ultimate toughness, giving it perfect instruments of both offense and defense. WarGreymon (X Antibody) has sacrificed its capability for long flight, equipping vernier thrusters on its back that boast explosive acceleration and allow it to instantly close the distance to the enemy. This fighting style makes it the “Land War Hero,” the ultimate form of ground combat Digimon. Its special move Terra Force Zero involves quickly closing with a foe and unleashing its Terra Force, making the attack practically impossible to avoid. It also has the one-hit knockout move After Burst, which accelerates its attack by adding its vernier thrusters to the Dramon Killer.