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MetalGarurumon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Metal Storm
・Freezing Breath


This final form of Garurumon has been enhanced by making most of its body metallic. Despite this process, MetalGarurumon has not lost any agility, and it can destroy its foes using countless weapons hidden all over its body. The four laser sights at the tip of its nose emit invisible beams, and MetalGarurumon makes use of a wide array of sensors, including those for infrared- and X-rays, to analyze its targets. This makes it impossible to escape from MetalGarurumon, even in perfect darkness. What’s more, the mechanical arms extending from MetalGarurumon’s back can emit photoelectric beam wings, allowing it to fly through Net Space at incredible speed. MetalGarurumon’s special move is Freezing Breath, by which it breathes out a blast of air at absolute zero that freezes everything it touches. This move will instantly suspend the vital functions of any living creature it hits. It also uses Garuru Tomahawk to fire a huge missile called the Freeze Bomber from its chest, and Ice Wolf Claw to fire all the weapons on its body at once and wipe out its foes.

■Effects of the X Antibody on MetalGarurumon’s DigiCore:
MetalGarurumon (X Antibody) has demonstrably better sensors than before, as well as additional weapons. Now that it’s armed from head to toe in weaponry designed to deal with everything from long-range to close-quarters combat, it’s taken to walking on two legs. Its primary weapon, though, is its Gatling gun Metal Storm, which can snipe enemies at long range, fire wide blasts at mid range, and shoot a high-speed stream of bullets at close range, giving MetalGarurumon (X Antibody) overwhelming firepower. A full-on bombardment from it is more than 1.2 times as powerful as one from MagnaGarurumon, essentially making it a beastly artillery unit that’s capable of moving at high speed.