Digimon Encyclopedia



Shining Dragon
Special Move
・Photon Blaster
・Cosmic Sword
・Quasar Break
・Planet Punch


A Mega Dragon Man Digimon belonging to the righteous order called the Virus Busters. Wielding the Sylvia, twin cannons equipped on its arms, Siriusmon crashes in like a shooting star to defeat its enemies after hearing a voice calling for help from far, far, away or sensing evil. However, Siriusmon's kind heart is such that it is willing to put its weapons down and open its heart to an opponent in the middle of battle if it senses the possibility of reforming them. 
Its special moves are Photon Blaster, in which it uses the Sylvia to shoot rays of light, and Cosmic Sword, where it will slice its enemies in half with its sword of order. In the wake of Photon Blaster, Siriusmon can use Quasar Break to follow up with a blade of starlight to pursue enemies, fusing light and blade to make its enemy violently explode. The bright white light created by this attack resembles a shooting star from a distance. Even if the Sylvia are destroyed, Siriusmon can still attack with its trump card, Planet Punch, in which it lands a punch powered with life force energy.