Digimon Encyclopedia



Sky Dragon
Special Move
・Gallia Fissure
・Meteor Lux
・Gran Nova


A Sky Dragon Digimon with large, majestic wings turned a pure white by the ferocity of the roaring flames in its heart. Canoweissmon prefers honorable battles, be they in power or in speed. Its delight in combat increases the fiercer the battle becomes. However, Canoweissmon tolerates no acts of duplicity and will oppose them by enforcing its sense of righteousness. When Canoweissmon releases all of its power, its entire body shines with white-hot light so intense that it can be perceived in other dimensions.
It is well-versed in various battle techniques. For example, it can use Gallia Fissure to rip apart its opponent with tough claws that have enough power to slice clean through low-purity Chrome Digizoid. It can also close its wings to fire projectiles that look like balls of light with Dragonia or attack from a distance with Meteor Lux, in which a meteor shower pours from its outspread wings. Canoweissmon's most powerful move is Gran Nova. It gathers all of its power and fires a bright fireball from its mouth that draws in surrounding bodies in its scorching-hot magnitude.