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Special Move
・Direct Smasher
・Ignition Prominence
・Duel EdgeーFlowsion


RagnaLoardmon is a Digimon born from the DNA Digivolution of two Legend-Arms: Durandamon, the ultimate sword, and BryweLudramon, the ultimate shield. It is said to have been conceived when the DigiCores of the two Legend-Arms resonated with one another, an event brought on by the awakening of an evil being lurking deep within the Dark Area. Its main body, formed from the fusion of the two DigiCores on a higher plane, was made in the image of a warrior that both Durandamon and BryweLudramon imagined would be capable of wielding them.
Despite RagnaLoardmon being a DNA Digivolution, both Durandamon and BryweLudramon retain their own wills, making it an extremely rare kind of Digimon. RagnaLoardmon’s sword and shield fly around as they see fit, so it never has to touch them, and the three work together as one to attack, defend, and manipulate their foes. It’s no easy feat to deal with RagnaLoardmon’s powerful attacks made from unpredictable distances, or overcome its ironclad defenses, both the result of strong teamwork.
Its special moves include Direct Smasher, where it slices through an opponent in a single blow by swinging its sword down from far overhead, and Ignition Prominence, by which it shoots searing flames from its shield to transform its surroundings into a lake of fire. Its ultimate attack is Duel EdgeーFlowsion, by which it coats its sword in the flames from its shield and then runs its foe through. It’s said to be so powerful that the enemy is obliterated, their data and DigiCore completely burning away.