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Plesiomon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Sorrow Blue
・Fantasy Mist


Plesiomon is a Digimon based on an imaginary creature found in the computer of a British cryptozoology research facility, which the researchers had long spoken of in rumors. It hardly ever reveals itself, apparently only doing so while shrouded in fog, and therefore in poor visibility. It is a mysterious creature whose body shines with white light, so that all who see it are struck by its elegance. When it cries out in its clear, high-pitched voice using the special move Sorrow Blue, it plunges its listeners into a deep sadness that saps them of their will to fight.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Plesiomon’s DigiCore
According to the latest research on Plesiomon (X Antibody)’s clear, high-pitched cry, Plesiomon (X Antibody) surprisingly consists mostly of poetry data. The beauty of its new form gives such an impression of elegance and nobility that some researchers speculate it’s related to the tragic tale of a bard who became a dragon, forced to remain concealed while singing of his mounting sorrows. Fittingly, Plesiomon (X Antibody) only rarely shows itself. It’s also gained the ability to play melodies using its long whiskers, drawing listeners into a fantastical world with Fantasy Mist. There are rumors that Plesiomon (X Antibody) has a different form in this fantasy world, but this remains unverified.