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MetalTyrannomon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Giga DestroyerⅡ
・Nuclear LaserⅡ


An Android Digimon that remodeled its body to unleash extensive power. Just like Megadramon was remodeled for anti-air use, MetalTyrannomon was remodeled into a Digimon for anti-ground interception. Any and all attacks rebound off of its strengthened body, and its possesses a terrifying attack power, busting through even the sturdiest armor with its tough chin. It uses its special move Giga DestroyerⅡ to fire a missile from its right arm, or Nuclear Laser to fire an energy beam from its left arm.

■Effects of the X Antibody on MetalTyrannomon (X Antibody)’s DigiCore:
Compared to MetalGreymon, widely regarded to be among the most capable of all modified Digimon, MetalTyrannomon (X Antibody) is notably wilder, but it also boasts the greatest capacity for destruction on land. As Tyrannomon, its natural resilience allowed it to withstand extensive modification at the hands of the Crack Team, who transformed its ferocity into awe-inspiring offensive capabilities, drawing them out to their full potential. While MetalTyrannomon (X Antibody)’s reinforced claws aren’t quite as strong as MetalGreymon’s Trident Arm Ver. 9.9, a control program was installed in Tyrannomon X’s DigiCore equivalent to Version 7.0 (which is more than sufficient for close-quarters combat). Any excess energy can be fired from its left arm using Nuclear LaserⅡ.