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WarGrowlmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Double Edge Σ
・Atomic Blaster
・Atomic Megalo Blaster


WarGrowlmon is an Ultimate Android Digimon also known as a “Giant Growlmon.” As its nickname suggests, WarGrowlmon is huge, and the upper half of its body is made of powerful Chrome Digizoid. It can also fly thanks to the two vernier thrusters on its shoulders, making it capable of dealing with threats both on land and in the air. The muzzle-like restraints on its jaw are there to control its immense power. It also has the freely extensible Assault Balancer, which extends from its back like a cord and can double as a weapon to pierce foes. WarGrowlmon’s signature move is Double Edge, by which it slices through foes using the two Pendulum Blades on its arms. Its special move Atomic Blaster involves firing the twin guns on its chest to destroy enemies at the atomic level.

■Effects of the X Antibody on WarGrowlmon’s DigiCore:
WarGrowlmon (X Antibody) has gained the ability to release the immense power contained within its frame, which is on the level of a Digital Hazard, in the form of a variety of energy blasts from the attack units all over its body. This has earned it the moniker of the Crimson Tank. In close quarters combat WarGrowlmon (X Antibody) uses its Pendulum Blades Σ to slice through foes with Double Edge Σ, and its special move Atomic Blaster now involves firing cannons from its arms as well as its chest, making it four times as powerful as before. The giant cannon on its chest is used to fire its Atomic Megalo Blaster.