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Lopmon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Special Move
・Blazing Ice
・Terrier Tornado
・Fi-rost Typhoon


Lopmon is the Rookie Digivolution of one sibling in a pair of extremely rare twin Digimon. Of the two, Terriermon has one horn growing from its head, while Lopmon has three. Their ecosystem is wrapped in mystery, and while their composition is enough to deem them Beast Digimon, nothing else is known about them. Terriermon has a laid-back personality, albeit with a lot of energy, while Lopmon has the opposite disposition, being more of a lonely crybaby. Neither seem like Digimon of the Combat Species, but they do show unexpected power in battle. Lopmon’s signature moves are Terrier Tornado, where it spins both of its ears like a propeller to create a small tornado, and the team attack Double Typhoon.Its special move Blazing Ice involves firing a blast of icy bullets.

■Effects of the X Antibody on Lopmon’s DigiCore:
Its ear hair and tail are more buoyant than air, letting it float gently on the breeze. Lopmon (X Antibody)’s Chen Garnet ear jewelry is linked to Terriermon (X Antibody), and constantly informs one of how the other is doing. Lopmon (X Antibody)’s favorite thing to do is go on an aerial stroll with Terriermon (X Antibody), who it cares for deeply. Its special move Fi-rost Typhoon is a team attack where the two unleash a blast of hot and cold air at exactly the same time.