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God Beast
Special Move
・Yellow Circle


The emperor Digimon governing over the Four Sovereign Digimon guarding the north, south, east, and west of the Digital World, enshrined in the center and ruling the land. Fanglongmon was sealed in the deepest, darkest part of the land by an Angel Digimon that descended in ancient times. Due to this, the Four Sovereign Digimon lost their ruler and began a power struggle, although they currently maintain an equilibrium. It is both good and evil, the “Taikyoku” of light and darkness. Fanglongmon has eight eyes and twelve DigiCores outside of its body, which itself is covered in particles of Huanglong Ore, a special mineral boasting incredible hardness that prevents it from suffering any injuries. It uses its special move Taikyoku to continuously dismantle all things in the Digital World into the extremes of light and dark, soon turning them into nothingness. With Yellow Circle, it creates a giant typhoon of sediment on the scale of a natural disaster.
Huanglong Ore
This material, which is based on Chrome Digizoit, is a virtual mineral boasting absolute hardness. Only Huanglong Ore can scratch Huanglong Ore. No technique can successfully compare it to other minerals or metals, so the actual limits of its strength cannot be measured. Although it is hard, it is also extremely dense, making it unsuitable for weapons or armor. Huanglong Ore is quite rare, and is only found in the deepest parts of the earth. It is said that it takes many years to unite this ore with a living thing—longer than the age of folklore. As things stand now, Fanglongmon is the only Digimon discovered to have unified with this super-hard ore. Chrome Digizoit eliminates these flaws, making for an outstanding rare metal.