Digimon Encyclopedia



Beast Man
Special Move
・Secret Technique: Waking Shadow
・Lightning-Speed Attack
・Super-Electrified Lightning Cannon


Gokuumon was born from the magma boiling within Boot Volcano. It pursued strength and extracted data modeled from various databases, resulting in a combat Digimon with awakened battle instincts from birth. It travels the Digital World, obeying the longing engraved deeply in its heart to challenge powerful opponents. When Gokuumon encounters an opponent it deems to be strong it will request a match, regardless of how insolent said request may be. And yet, the Kinkoji that Sanzomon attached to its head at birth will tighten until Gokuumon faints from pain if it becomes too verbally abusive. Thus it always maintains decorum, albeit under duress. Gokuumon excels at various martial arts and sorcery. Its Nyoikinkobou is a versatile weapon, extending at will to strike foes from a distance, firing a lightning cannon when connected, and shooting lightning bullets when separated into two pistols. Secret Technique: Waking Shadow makes light of foes with acrobatic movements and agile use of the Nyoikinkobou, unleashing afterimage attacks that look like a group of Gokuumon on the assault. Lightning-Speed Attack stabs the Nyoikinkobou into the ground, extends upward into a thundercloud, and charges Gokuumon with lightning energy before it rams the enemy like a thunderbolt. Super-Electrified Lightning Cannon amplifies and fires the energy within the Nyoikinkobou. Also, the spell Kintoun gathers clouds that Gokuumon can use to fly through the air at high speeds.