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(Xros Wars)
Special Move
・Kankon Midare Daiko
・Rowdy Drummer


A “Manly Soul” Mode possessed of a wild and untamed soul born from the fiery fighting spirit of two Digimon. DonShoutmon swings its weapons in rhythmic motions to beat its foes, and their screams ring out on the battlefield like percussion. This Digimon burns with fiery passion, and its irrepressible fighting spirit drives it to join in on conflicts it has nothing to do with, only to escalate tensions. It will turn a small argument into a fistfight, or a minor dispute into a bloody feud. Conflicts never cease when DonShoutmon is near. No sooner has it joined in on an unrelated fight of some kind than it starts pummeling one side with its fearsome sticks, never stopping to ask questions. Then it lashes out at someone else. It beats them. And it beats them. And it beats them again. It pretends to attack in another way and then it beats them instead. It just beats anyone and anything it can. And as it beats and it beats and it beats, it starts up a rhythm. Sometimes with ferocity and sometimes with great sadness, DonShoutmon creates a song as it fights. That is its special move. The technique is always the same, but depending on the rhythm, the name of the attack (or the name of the song) changes.