Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Mini Dragon
Special Move
・Rock Soul
・Soul Crusher
・Rowdy Rocker


A ferocious Digimon with amazing vigor and extreme aggression. Even so, it is friendly to allies, and those recognized by Shoutmon can establish a deep bond that transcends species. A special function in Shoutmon’s throat changes passion into energy, unleashing a Soul Crusher attack that uses a mic to amplify the burning passion in its chest and strike the enemy. Because passion is the source of its strength, Shoutmon will not abandon a battle no matter how much damage it receives, contributing to its savage reputation. Although it appears savage, it has a love of music and song, and enjoys humming along to the sounds of nature, such as wind, raindrops, babbling brooks, and rustling leaves. Sometimes it gets too wrapped up in its song and unleashes Soul Crusher even without enemies around, and so putting some distance between you and Shoutmon when it starts singing is a prudent move. For some strange reason it’s always carrying around a McField-brand mic; a Shoutmon without a mic can’t be called a Shoutmon. Losing one’s mic will cause a rapid loss of power from the shock of its loss of identity, before it wastes away completely. Thus, you shouldn’t play pranks on it by hiding its mic. Incidentally, the Rowdy Rocker move that utilizes this mic as a staff is first-rate both in combat as well as during a performance.