Digimon Encyclopedia



Beast Man
Special Move
・Frozen Tundra
・Snow Bomber


A Digimon with power over ice that bears the might of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Kumamon is a self-proclaimed sergeant in the Polar Army’s Polar Defense Force. It responds to all inquiries on this point by stating that the answer involves classified information, and so while the truth remains unknown, it is likely Kumamon’s own fabrication. There can be no doubt, however, that its ability to operate its assault launcher (nicknamed Romeo) and act decisively in combat are the real deal. This, combined with its detailed knowledge of survival skills, makes it a reliable companion. Kumamon rarely acts on its own initiative, typically only responding to an order or request from someone it considers its superior. When no one is counting on it to do anything, Kumamon may become listless, questioning its purpose in life and falling into depression. It fires special types of snowballs from its assault launcher, each designed to serve a unique function. Its special moves include Frozen Tundra, by which it turns itself into an icicle and launches itself at its opponent, and Snow Bomber, by which it fires a barrage of superfrozen snowballs from its assault launcher.