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BlackWarGreymon (X Antibody)

X Antibody
Dragon Man
Special Move
・Dark Terra Force
・Hades Force
・After Burst


Known and feared as the Dark Dragon Warrior, this is the Virus version of WarGreymon. Despite being opposed to the values and beliefs of the Virus Buster WarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon is devoted to its own form of justice. Despising cruelty and deceit, it looks down on Digimon it considers dishonorable, even among other Virus types. How it became a Virus is a mystery, and the Brave Shield on its back lacks the Crest of Courage. Its special move Dark Terra Force is similar to WarGreymon’s Terra Force, except that it gathers all the negative emotions in the world and concentrates them into a single point before firing.

■Effects of the X Antibody on BlackWarGreymon’s DigiCore:
Its negative power has been condensed to the fullest, accelerating its cunning to grasp victory no matter the means. Much like its Brave Shield, its Dramon Killer have also attained ultimate toughness, giving it perfect instruments of both offense and defense. WarGreymon (X Antibody) has sacrificed its capability for long flight, equipping vernier thrusters on its back that boast explosive acceleration and allow it to instantly close the distance to the enemy. This fighting style makes it the “Land War Hero,” the ultimate form of ground combat Digimon. It uses its special move Hades Force to rapid-fire Dark Terra Force at speeds too high to avoid. It also has the one-hit knockout move After Burst, which accelerates its attack by adding its vernier thrusters to the Dramon Killer.