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Special Move
・Kanshaku Dust
・Yobori Claw Drill


BanchoGolemon is a Mineral Digimon that, unlike an ordinary Golemon, acts of its own will. It is also one of the few Digimon to bear the title of Bancho. Utterly stolid and unflappable, BanchoGolemon is equally harsh with everyone, never allowing even a hint of leniency in its behavior. Electing to spend its time in the harsh environment deep within Infinity Mountain, it is constantly putting itself through intensive training.
BanchoGolemon is also a Digimon full of surprises. It’s the type that may never lend a hand to those who seek its aid, but that will suddenly appear to save a comrade with whom it has exchanged blows when that Digimon is in a pinch. With its overwhelming power, BanchoGolemon is often able to singlehandedly turn the tide of battle and claim victory.
Its special move Tenbagaeshi involves grabbing a foe with its right hand and then throwing them far off into the distance as if it were performing a hammer throw. For an attack that covers a wider area, it has Kanshaku Dust, where it reflects the beam it can fire from the Kanshakudama on its chest off of falling stones. Finally, with Yobori Claw Drill, it uses the giant excavation drill on its left hand, which is capable of reducing even Chrome Digizoid to dust, to pierce foes.