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Special Move
・Golden Rush
・Senbon Dokkan
・Bukkomi Otokodama


One of the few bearing the title of “Bancho,” this deeply chivalrous and compassionate Digimon is great in a scrap despite its small stature. BanchoMamemon lives a self-reliant existence, ignoring the laws of the Digital World. It extends a helping hand to Digimon isolated from the world like itself, going so far as to form an organization dubbed the “Mamemon Alliance” in which such Digimon live together. But going against the order of the world is no easy task: it has fought against Digimon that conform to rules under the pretense of reorganization on countless occasions. Even so, it devotes all of its energies toward the Mamemon Alliance. BanchoMamemon received the title of “Bancho” by repelling enemies without losing a single comrade, no matter what dilemma comes along. Like BanchoLeomon, it wears a gakuran that guards against impacts from physical attacks; that being said, it almost always dedicates this defensive ability to its comrades. BanchoMamemon uses its special move Golden Punishment to strike with its favorite cudgels, Golden Rush to beat foes to a pulp, and Senbon Dokkan to slam out its subordinate Black Hickeys with its golden bats. It also uses Bukkomi Otokodama to charge forward with the prison chains stretching from its body.