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Holy Bird
Special Move
・Lightning Scourge
・Divine Lance
・Sea of Destruction


A Holy Bird Digimon with a body so immense that it could cover several mountains. Xiangpengmon normally slumbers deep in the Net Ocean. While sleeping, Xiangpengmon's data keeps its environment at equilibrium. It will awaken if it senses a change for the worse in the waters, swiftly moving to fix the problem before returning to sleep. Because of its large size, any time it surfaces, wings flapping, it causes abnormal weather to occur.
While it is in the sea, many other aquatic Digimon build nests in the crevices of its sleeping body. These Digimon give energy to Xiangpengmon so the latter can stay nourished while it sleeps, resulting a symbiotic relationship that helps all of them.
None of Xiangpengmon's moves will harm singular targets. They are all large-scale attacks that cause widespread annihilation. Lightning Scourge causes countless bolts of lightning to strike down over the area where its foe is. Divine Lance fires the spears equipped on its wings to shatter the ground. Sea of Destruction allows Xiangpengmon to make an enormous sphere of seawater to send crashing into the ground.