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Dragon Man
Special Move
・Terra Force
・Great Tornado


The strongest dragon warrior wearing armor crafted from the ultra-metal Chrome Digizoid, WarGreymon is the ultimate form of the Greymon species. It sports a more humanoid physique than the typical large bodies of other Greymon types, but possesses vastly improved power and speed. It may be impossible to defeat with the attacks of Ultimate-level Digimon. The Dramon Killer attached to each of WarGreymon’s arms deal massive damage to members of the Dramon-species Digimon, but also expose WarGreymon to danger, making them double-edged swords. WarGreymon can also combine the exoskeleton parts on its back to form the hardest of shields, Brave Shield. It is said that even among the most battle-hardened of veterans, it is only when one of true valor realizes its own destiny that it Digivolves into a WarGreymon. WarGreymon’s special move is the super dense, high temperature energy beam Terra Force, by which it concentrates all the energy in the atmosphere into a single point before blasting it forward. It also uses Great Tornado to join the Dramon Killer on its arms above its head to perform a spinning, high-speed charge that pierces the enemy.