Digimon Encyclopedia


Shoutmon DX

(Xros Wars)
Special Move
・Trident Just Fang
・Hyper Rock Magnum
・Electric Buster Xros
・Victorize Banking
・Brave Beat Rock Double Xros


The Crusade Mode of OmegaShoutmon, born from combining its swift speed with the unrivaled power of ZeigGreymon’s fighting strength. ZeigGreymon’s Gold Digizoid provides both high attack and defense without sacrificing OmegaShoutmon’s speed. Not even powerful foes can stand up to the combined mobility and offensive capabilities of Crusade Mode. Shoutmon DX has a contradictory disposition caused by the instincts of OmegaShoutmon and ZeigGreymon within, combining a clever divinity with a ferocious brutality. While normally mild-mannered and amicable, once in battle it transforms into a warrior burning with violent emotions. The more furious the battle, the calmer and bolder Shoutmon DX becomes, like an agent of divine punishment befitting the name of Crusade Mode. Shoutmon DX uses the Electric Buster Xros bayonet equipped on its right hand for devastating shooting and slicing attacks, and the giant Trident Just Fang claw on its left hand to unleash powerful strikes while using it as a shield due to its sturdiness. Brave Beat Rock Double Xros is Shoutmon DX’s ultimate move. OmegaShoutmon’s flame and ZeigGreymon’s flame combine, wreathing it in hellfire that purges any and all impurities. Shoutmon DX becomes an avatar of flame, charging at the enemy with the appearance of a meteor and vaporizing all foes.