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Special Move
・Nightmare Rain
・Fantastic Smash
・Sweetheart Attack


A Puppet Digimon that Digivolved as a result of nightmare-related data absorbed and analyzed by Monzaemon. At first glance, it looks like a teddy bear, but is actually made of a mysterious substance that is both squishy and amorphous, like some kind of cross between slime and clouds.
ShinMonzaemon is a moody Digimon with a childish personality that does not make decisions based in logic.
It likes simple and cute things, causing it to target immature Digimon Rookie level and below. On the other hand, ShinMonzaemon considers Digimon that have grown beyond Rookie to be repulsive existences imbued with impure data, and despises even being close to them.
When ShinMonzaemon feeds, it extends its soft wings to envelope its prey. Since its entire body is made of extremely powerful energy, even the softest touch from it is said to be enough to cause very weak Digimon to lose consciousness.
ShinMonzaemon's special moves include Nightmare Rain, in which it sends countless parts of its body flying to steal its target's consciousness; Fantastic Smash, in which it changes its right arm into a hammer to crush its enemy; and Sweetheart Attack, in which it fires a laser from its left eye to pierce its target's DigiCore.