Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Reptile Man
Special Move
・Galápagos Field
・Final Traveler


A Reptile Man Digimon that spends every day in rest and relaxation. Ignitemon can often be found hanging out with its friend Monitamon, since it enjoys laughing along to Digitalk show comedies on Monitamon’s screen whenever it has a spare moment. Ignitemon is extremely reluctant to do anything it doesn’t find appealing, and if a fight breaks out nearby, it’s quick to run away and hide. In spite of its laziness, however, every one of its weapons is quite powerful. It can slice through foes by throwing the Galápagos (Navy) in its right hand or the Galápagos (Army) in its left. Also, if it concentrates its power, it can unleash a cutting wave of force with Galápagos Field. What’s more, it can use Timoniniser to fire bullets capable of producing different effects through the Gunsword on its head. This allows it to force its opponents into a variety of situations depending on the combination of effects. Though Ignitemon prefers to avoid battle, it will go on a rampage should anyone interrupt its fun (especially if it’s watching TV). By setting off the McField-brand Fernandina that hangs from its chest, Ignitemon can blow itself and any enemies away with Final Traveler, but since this would mean the end of the life it so enjoys, Ignitemon prefers not to engage.