Digimon Encyclopedia



(Xros Wars)
Special Move
・Film Buster
・Photoelectric Execution Formation
・Healing Sky Light
・Flame Blast
・Water Spout Cannon
・Whirling Wind Tunnel
・Thunderous Lightning Attack
・Instant Reconnaissance


Hi-VisionMonitamon is the latest model of Monitamon, which surpasses its older versions in combat ability, analytical thinking, and information-gathering. It’s the finest variety of Monitamon and excels at applying its unique skills. Always up to date on all the news in the Digital World, it uses this information to consistently lead the Monitamon Corps to victory. This has earned it the nickname Black Signal, as well as the trust of the Monitamon who follow it. Its one flaw is that while its ability to analyze the information it’s gathered to formulate a plan is admirable, it sometimes gets so carried away conveying this to its followers that it won’t stop talking. The Denji-maru it holds in its hand is a versatile weapon, excelling at both offense and defense. Defensively, it can absorb an attack and transform its energy into particles, switching to offense by charging up those particles to unleash a blast of energy with Film Buster. What’s more, Hi-VisionMonitamon can also use its Denji-maru as a baton of command, enhancing the attacks of its Monitamon troops to their utmost limit with the particles produced by the Denji-maru. Hi-VisionMonitamon can also take direct control of nearby Monitamon by sending out a signal from the antenna on its head with Photoelectric Execution Formation. This allows the Monitamon to work in perfect synch, forming a squad of versatile fighters that can outmaneuver enemies before finishing them off. Hi-VisionMonitamon is also a well-rounded fighter in its own right, with more powerful versions of Monitamon’s techniques: Flame Blast, Water Spout Cannon, Whirling Wind Tunnel, Thunderous Lightning Attack, and Instant Reconnaissance. It’s even gained access to a healing technique Monitamon never had with Healing Sky Light.