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Magic Knight
Special Move
・Summon Frost
・Hecto Edge Blizzard
・Absolute Blast


Hexeblaumon is a legendary Magic Knight Digimon that only those who master ice magic (an advanced programming language) are said to be able to Digivolve into. Rumor has it that Hexeblaumon helped protect other Digimon while the Digital World was in the midst of an ice age, then traveled to the extradimensional world of Witchelny.
Skilled at techniques that involve manipulating cold, Hexeblaumon can create a variety of things from ice. These range from weapons like swords and hammers to restraints meant to hinder an enemy’s movement and even barriers to protect itself. When it comes to working with ice, it is a true master.
Its special moves include Summon Frost, where it sends a blast of cold across a wide area to freeze anyone nearby into an ice statue, and Hecto Edge Blizzard, where it rains down countless swords of ice on foes with all the fury of a winter storm. Finally, it has Absolute Blast, an ultimate attack where it unleashes a wave of absolute zero from the jaws of the dragon on its left shoulder to shatter everything.