Digimon Encyclopedia



Dark Beast
Special Move
・Yatsuka Senbaku
・Majin Byoutan
・Senho Tsuchigumo


A Demon Beast Digimon who is a bewildering combination of bull and spider. It has a ruthless and spiteful personality, and will pursue those who have laid eyes upon it for days on end. At night it becomes a sinister presence that likes to terrorize its enemies with surprise attacks from behind. Despite its hefty size, Gyuukimon's spider-like legs allow it to move deftly and silently. It is only when it attacks that the bells on Gyuukimon's horn make noise, so all those who have encountered it are constantly in fear of hearing the bells ring. The cacophony from the bells will confuse its prey's senses, allowing Gyuukimon to overwhelm it with its attacks.
In its special move Yatsuka Senbaku, it spits webbing from the mouth on the spider part of its body to restrain its prey, then spews deadly poison. In Majin Byoutan, Gyuukimon throws the cylinders on its back to release poisonous gases. When Gyuukimon senses approaching or retreating Digimon, it attacks with the weapon on its left arm to perform Senho Tsuchigumo and ensure that it subdues its prey.