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Cerberusmon: Werewolf Mode

Special Move
・Inferno Divide
・Cerberus Erase
・Mad Dog Fire


Cerberusmon: Werewolf Mode is a mutant form of Cerberusmon, the Digimon known as the Watchdog of Hell that lives in the Dark Area. It transformed into its current form to prevent the spread of data formed from human malice, which permeates the Internet in the form of both images and text, because it fears this data will have an adverse effect on the Digital World.
As a result of its transformation, its body has been covered in an organic shell, and it can now walk on two legs. It also overwrote the data on its arms to allow it to crush any tainted data it finds using its powerful jaws.
With its special move Inferno Divide, it can blast foes with firebombs at point blank range while it holds them in place, which it does by biting them with the massive heads on the ends of its arms. Or, with Cerberus Erase, it can cut down enemies using a combination of dynamic movements and the claws on its feet. Finally, it can use Mad Dog Fire to unleash a blast of scorching, hellish flames to reduce any foe to ashes. The destructive power of this attack is on a whole other level compared to that of the unmutated Cerberusmon.