Digimon Encyclopedia


Aegiochusmon: Holy

Special Move
・Lightning Shower
・Thunder Slash
・Circlet Defense


A Deity Digimon that synthesized the abilities of various species, using a human body as its base. This synthesis of species is said to have resulted from the pursuit of the apex known as omnipotence, and Aegiochusmon: Holy’s form changes dramatically to match its environment. This holy form is based on the data of Angel-species. Normally this data would lie dormant in its body, centered around the crystal in its chest, but Aegiochusmon: Holy has spread the Angel-species data throughout its body, and its heart is as clear as a pool of reflective water. By using the shields in its hands to channel the overwhelming essence of Vaccine types that wells up within it, it can create either a weapon, such as a short sword, or a defensive barrier that no Virus or Data type can penetrate.

Its special moves include Lightning Shower, which involves attacking foes with a barrage of short swords raining down from the sky, and Thunder Slash, where it wraps lightning around one of its short swords, allowing it to slash foes with the sword as if it were a whip. Finally, it can generate a defensive barrier with Circlet Defense, which repels any attack an enemy may use with an added jolt of electricity. This is a powerful way for it to counter attacks.